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, 18 2009

The only non-governmental organization that has the state accreditation is all-Russian non-governmental organization Society on Collective Management of Neighboring Rights “Russian Organization for Intellectual Property” (the shortened form for this is VOIS). Read more…

Change of our Telephone Number
, 05 2009

Our organization has a new telephone number now.

New phone.: +7 (846) 340-86-85 

International Classificator of Goods and Services (ICGS)
, 09 2008

ICGS-8, ICGS-9, i.e. the 8th and 9th issues of the International Classificator of Goods and Services are essential for the specialists who deal with trademark registration as well as for marketing specialists and designers who work in the sphere of trademark creation.

Welcome to The Shop of IDEAS!
How can I reveal Intellectual Property (IP)? What actions can be performed with IP? What taxes are caused by such actions and how can I minimize them? How is it possible to reserve the right over control stock using IP? How can I get a credit for a patent, trademark? – and this is only a small part of the problems that are to be solved by any enterprise.

These are just the questions that will be answered by the staff of our organization who are well-qualified and experienced specialists. Our organization has more than 10-year experience in patenting, trademark registration, protection of interests before courts and in the Chamber for Patent Disputes. We cooperate with the largest enterprises in Samara and the Samara Region.

 We will be glad to cooperate with you!

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